Lady Under Light : World Premiere

Writer & Director

Housed by Small Green Door

Debuted 2/9 & 2/10 of 2019

The show served as a fundraiser and raised over $2300 for Alexandria House , a women & children’s shelter located in Los Angeles.

Podcast Interview : On Directing

Ep. 4 Stop Acting By Yourself! (Featuring Dominique Carrieri)

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Finding Structure

A short documentary covering The Montauk Beach Stabilization Project. Kevin McAllister, founder of non-profit organization DefendH20, discusses the negative impacts of shoreline hardening on the coast of Long Island, NY.

Producer, Editor, Director

Featured on:

Help Me Espresso Myself

Campaign designed to help Hudson Valley Barista, Lisa Brayda complete her trip to work on La Palme y El Tucan, a coffee farm located in Colombia.

Sparked From The Burner

A mini doc about family, love and food.

Cinematographer, Editor

Music Video

Director, Cinematographer & Editor: Dominique Carrieri

Starring: Devin Gardner

Silent Sound: ASL Music Video Curation

Director, Cinematographer & Editor

Promotional Content

Director, Cinematographer & Editor

Promo video for Turning Point Behavior Health Center

Lilymoore Farm is located in Pleasant Valley, NY. They offer a unique Alpaca Buddy Program to the public that involves a variety of experiences to choose from.